About Cancer Kenya Platform

The idea behind the formation of Cancer Kenya was born after my facebook timelines and groups were all about pictures of cancer patients seeking help.

Cancer Kenya

And they mostly went unnoticed by either no likes or comment.

The images were about Patients seeking help in raising cash for their treatment either locally or abroad. I thought to myself, why not have a platform dedicated to cancer patients, victims, and survivors?

A platform where cancer survivors would share their journey, encourage those under treatment and offer support for other patients without leaving their homes or hospital beds.

I needed a platform where Kenyans would contribute directly to the patient and not through proxies.

We all aware of the online scams, who pretends to be sick, yet they are in the business of making money using other’s pictures or videos.

Then the idea of creating one of a kind platform for both well-wishers and patients came through, and boom Cancer.co.ke.

Cancer treatment is costly considering after the diagnosis; it leaves one helpless, loss of a job, abandoned by friends, and in most cases, hopelessness follows.

Cancer.co.ke is an online platform specifically dedicated to cancer patients who are not able financially to take care of their treatments, upkeep, and constant need for medication.

There exist fundraising platforms, but none started with the main focus of helping cancer patients in Kenya.

Cancer has affected the rich, the poor, kids, and even the eldest ones in our society.

Cancer can is treatable at an early stage, and this has not been possible since 60% of the patients are either not aware of the health status or living in the places hard to access like the village.

Cancer treatment needs money, in most cases patients get referred outside the country due to Lack of;

  • Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy machines.
  • Cancer centers.
  • Well-trained doctors to handle a specific type of cancer.
  • Expensive Cance treatment Cost.

At Cancer Kenya Kenyans can contribute the amount they are willing to help a cancer patient seek medical help either locally or abroad.

Cancer patients can sign up, share their stories, upload images, and supporting documents then invite friends to contribute towards raising funds for treatment.

Our goal is to see patients receive treatment, and also help them get back on their feet, through the help of selfless Kenyans who also share the same dream.

It is for these reasons that we welcome all Kenyans on board to help fight this dreadful menace taking innocent lives away every second in Kenya.

Cancer Kenya is appealing to Kenyans who know any cancer patient to register them on the platform and let us seek help on their behalf.

We are living in a digital world, take a step and help raise cash for treatment also get updates of their journey, treatment, and recovering even after contribution.


Cancer.co.ke aim and objective are to narrow the gap between who gets to live and who dies of cancer in Kenya.

We all deserve to ve loved, cared for, and be treated nicely despite our backgrounds.

Cancer doesn’t choose who to attack; it does care about our status in society.

It attacks whoever it wants, how it wants, and when it chooses.

Let us take care of our own by showing them they still matter despite the current temporary medical condition.

Thank you.