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Types Of Cancer In Kenya

20 Most Common Types Of Cancer in Kenya

Types of Cancer  Since it is evident that cancer is a dangerous disease, it would be reasonable for anybody to be afraid or very apprehensive when diagnosed with this dreaded disease.  But what should be the most important thing to do is collaborate with your Doctors in giving your life the best meaning. So it would be necessary to know how to go about your treatment, and what you must do afterwards if surgery is involved. Signs and symptoms of…

Cancer In Kenya

What Is Cancer And Its Effects In Kenya

Cancer: Background and Development Process For ages, Cancer has existed and has been a disease that survived through time. The first written documentary on Cancer was from circa 1600 BC in the Egyptian Edwin Smith Papyrus and describes breast cancer as well as several kinds of Cancer, referring to them with the Greek word καρκίνος karkinos (crab or crayfish).  The name is driven from its appearance as the cut surface of a solid malignant tumor. With the veins stretched on all sides…