How it Works for patients

Cancer is a very devastating dreaded disease and can be very hard to manage. So we are bringing in the Cancer Kenya platform to help cancer patients in Kenya ease their financial struggle and thus raise funds for their treatment.

This platform is solely for the Kenyan cancer treatment fund, which is gradually becoming a growing menace in the country and the world at large.

Hence, we make sure that whatever money is realized gets to the patients regardless.

However, if you need help raising funds as a cancer patient, you would have to follow this format.

How To Start a Campaign:

First, you would need to start your campaign; however, we do this with full consideration of the severity and the category of your situation.

Set Your Fundraising Goal:

Necessarily, your donors would need to know what your target fund is; that is how much you intend to get in the end. This is so your donors would know how best to lend a helping hand.

Your goal summarizes the amount you need to cover for your treatment, air tickets or transport if there is any, medication and upkeep after treatment or during the procedures one is going through.

Tell Your Story:

This is where you get to let people know that your story is, and how you intend to use the fund realized to help yourself. So at this point, you would have to be explicit about your details.

Add a Picture or Video:

Here, you need to upload the necessary videos or pictures as prove to your present illness condition and proof of your financial incapacitation; to help support your course and improve your conversion on your page. 

Share with Friends:

We encourage that once you have signed up to our platform that you fill out details on how best to start awareness either via email or on Facebook. Here, you need to promote your campaign now.

Send Emails

You can promote your page by sending emails to friends and, most importantly, those that would be interested in helping in your quest for wellness.

Send Text messages

You can directly send text messages to people with links to your page to enhance engagement and future encourage donation.

Share on Social Media

This is one of the most viable options presently. You would need to forward your links to connections, friends, or followers on their different social media platforms. 

It often helps in the promotion process, to further give your page a boost; in realizing your fund goal.

Manage Donations

This part of your fundraising process is mostly very essential. Here, you would have to understand how to accept each donation to your page and as well make sure to keep accurate documentation of each. Also, make sure to reach out to your donor when you’ve received any donation with thanks. And lastly, understand how to withdraw your fund.

Accept Donations

Here, you would have to keep track and accept your donation. So it is essential to follow up on your backers.

Thank Donors

Here, when your campaign has adequately concluded, and you realize the fund, it is imperative to extend a hand of gratitude and thank your donors. So you can thank your donors at this point.

Withdraw Funds

Cancer Kenya is responsible for making sure all your donations get to you. So at this point, you apply for withdrawing. So your mode of receiving the raised funds solely depends on how you want it; by bank transfer or by check. 

How it works for Donors

Knowing that some people might want to exploit the hard-earned effort of good people, so we try the best we can to vet every campaign attached to our platform. 

So to avoid being scammed, we suggest that you do not tend to any campaign outside our platform. 

Also, all our campaigns are regulated to make sure it does not exceed the target goal. So if you notice any suspicious account, do contact us to hold on the accounts fundraising process.

Hence, to make donations, do follow this format:

Funds can be sent through Mpesa, Paypal Bank Deposit or electronic transaction (By Debit or Credit Card.)